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Matej Mohoric, master of gravity and gravel

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Great ride I think. He needed some gap over the other to have a chance of winning, but at the end with the head to head on the steep climb he didn't have any legs.

Interview at the finish

View: https://youtu.be/mn01CGzfQj0

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Pursuit of perfection: Matej Mohorič profile

‘I knew there were always many things I was working on improving and that was always my drive: to continue, be better and to fix stuff,’ Mohorič says. ‘Then as I fixed more things, I started to win more races and it was finished. Then you are infected.’
The way he talks about self-improvement borders on seeing man as a machine, as a constant work in progress. He’s the kind of man who, while spending time at home, would devise a dishwasher efficiency system to maximise stacking space yet ensure optimal cleaning quality. Being with Mohorič can’t always be easy for his partner.
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He needs to fix his climbing if he wants to win a stage this year as getting comprehensively out climbed by a durable sprinter like Mezgec in the nationals then dropping outside the top 50 at over 3m30s today suggests he will not be there at the end in the breaks.

You are right. It surprised me the lack of climbing ability since he emphasised in his pre summer interview that he is working on that aspect. He showed some signs in last stage of tour of Slovenia but that is about it.
I very much doubt that Mohoric started yesterdays stage with any ambitions of performing great for himself. There were way better riders in the peloton for that stage and even in his team.

Today might be more interesting for him and I can see Bahrain really putting on the pace on the Jaizkibel. Especially with Mohoric and Bilbao both being great descenders.