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Matthew Riccitello is the next Adam Yates thread

Does he not rather resemble another mythical climber?

He is provisionally lined up to do Sibiu next, which should normally suit him well. May depend on what shape guys like Lipowitz or van Eetvelt turn up with, but I guess it could be a good opportunity for a win.
He said yesterday that he didn't know what would be next for him. But Sibiu Tour and then Vuelta would be very nice.

He's been very solid this week, so he should be able to ride the Vuelta for GC and maybe make the top-10.
I have to say that I was a little miffed, because Kirby consistently minimized his ride, and many times, failed to mention him during commentary.

I only had the Swiss German feed for that race. And I have trouble keeping which voice is which the times I do get the Eurosport feed.

But recall earlier this season *someobody* at Eurosport seemed to give him too many mentions.
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“It was one of [Vincenzo] Nibali’s last races,” recalls Riccitello. “I remember going up one climb and being on his wheel and just thinking like ‘it was only a year ago that I was watching this guy on TV.’ I always liked the way he raced and now I was on his wheel in a bike race. It was pretty cool.”
“I won’t do the Tour,” he says. “I plan on doing the Vuelta. That’s been the plan since the beginning of the season, being a main goal. Suisse went really well but the plan for the season stays the same. Which is good.”
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