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Mice, men, AICAR and GW1516

Interesting reading on
This firm likes to talk from both sides of its corporate mouth, inviting you to quickly buy their products while you still can (they give you the name of recommended wbsites for this) and telling you that they are working together with anti-doping agencies.

An interesting sentence mentions the "well documented" use of their products in the TdF.
Mar 13, 2009
Visit site
this is a spam site, like the ones StrongArms mate Rosenblatt does with Demand Media. At the moment, the registry on WhoIs is showing anonymous, but it is one of those little vertical spams the like of which is the core to Rosenblatts business model. The dot .com Livestrong is just the most salubrious of their suite.
blackcat said:
this is a spam site, .....

Thanks Blackcat, the idea crossed my mind, but after all there are enough examples of that type of behavior that I thought it was authentic.

( For example Pilatus planes made in Switzerland and sold exclusively for training pilots, which gives the company a good conscience, but actually refurbished time and again for warfare, like in Soudan)