Michael Barry

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May 11, 2009
the delgados said:
The late Paul Grossman of the Toronto Star wrote a piece on Barry within a day of the Landis confessions. In it, he proclaimed Barry clean as a whistle, and he quoted Barry saying Landis was lying.
Grossman also interviewed Barry's parents, both of whom swear he would never dope, so it has to be true.
Whatever its worth (which, granted, isn't a hell of a lot), I'm certain that Barry has stated that Armstrong was clean, but I don't remember the source.
There was an article in 2000 in the Globe (I wish I had it) about Mike when he was still in Annemasse, it had some about doping. I wish I had it because I don't want to confuse what I know from personal communication vs. what was printed.

Are you sure he said Armstrong was clean? I would be interested to see that quote. I do remember Mike saying that "lance was an amazing athlete" - which is kind of true but it made me cringe.

Maybe I can offer this from personal experience. Just because you don't dope, you have strong personal conviction against doping, and you are surrounded by doping, doesn't mean that you voice your opposition while you are still racing. Racing is tough enough never mind having everyone angry at you. Maybe Mike saw what happened to Bessons and thought, "better to shut up than face that kind of abuse".

Here is the Paul Kimmage - Landis exchange.

P.K Okay, that’s fine. There is one last question. A lot of people were puzzled when you named Michael Barry in the emails and a month later, May 2010, he posted the following response on his website: I am shocked at the allegations from Floyd Landis. A few years ago, I cycled the Vuelta a Espana race and trained two days prior to the Vuelta with him – one 6 hour ride and one two hour ride. I did not share or use any banned substances such as EPO when I was riding with him and am dismayed at his allegations. Landis is either lying or has mistaken me for someone else. Did you mistake him for someone else?

F.L Nobody is more or less guilty than anyone else here but it’s time to tell the truth. I understand the difficulty and the risk in admitting to doping. I am in no place to judge because I denied it for years as well. Michael Barry is going to do what he feels he needs to in order to protect himself, but unfortunately in this instance his choice is to do what I did and lie. I hope for his sake that someday he can tell the truth and feel free.
May 13, 2011
Reading Floyd's comments in today's context, it is clear that he felt that Michael had something to lose by speaking. Michael is a professional cyclist with a likely future in team management. Hopefully in the transition between the two careers, there will come a time when he is free to speak the truth (whatever that be) and clear his conscience (if need be).

I still ask the question: have the U.S. authorities (whichever) have had a chat with him when (if) he crossed the border to the U.S.

It could be interesting if a retirement is announced shortly.
Race Radio said:
Expect it to be public that a certain drunk Irishman put pressure on some riders to not cooperate with the Federal investigation
If, for whatever reason, the USADA process gets quashed lets hope that all those who were going to speak up, or were pressured not to speak up, will join together to tell the story.