Michal Kwiatkowski Thread

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I don't think he can win in liege even though he says that the climbs suit him more there. I don't think he will beat valverde og Gilbert in a sprint after 250 Kms, too inexperienced. But i would not be surprised to see him in top 5 again :)
Dec 27, 2010
This kid is surprising me as much as Sagan did when he burst onto the scene. Chapeau.
Hugo Koblet said:
The main difference is that Sagan was 2½ years younger, though :)
Yeah but Sagan didn't top 5 in tough classics (I know, Fleche not the toughest) and mountain top finishes against most of the top climbers.

Of course i know that Sagan is ahead of Kwiatkowski, but I believe that's it's a lot easier to compete in sprint stages at a young age than classics and mountains. But of course sagan is still of another world, especially for his age :)
Hugo Koblet said:
The main difference is that Sagan was 2½ years younger, though :)
Well, that and Sagan actually wins races. And from the very beginning. Too be expected though, since he's a strong sprinter. I believe the only race Kwiatkowski has won was a TT. Only a matter of time at this rate, though. He's been super impressive.
It is the Flanders performance that I noted the most. Looked to have a savage engine there. He has been good since January, with a 3rd place in the mountains and on the ITT of San Luis. And second in Algarve overall.
Apr 7, 2013
The Hitch said:
Well done einstein.

Next question. Who will be a better cobbles rider. Taylor Phinney or Nairo Quintana:rolleyes:
Cheers I saw people comparing them just had to point out a fact congratulations for noticing it
May 28, 2012
movingtarget said:
He has been solid all season. He will only get better.
Yes, it's amazing how he got from DNF'ing all hilly classics last year, to riding top 5 in every one of them so far. He already showed his talent in the '11 GP Wallonie though.

It seems the Giro last year really improved his engine, from then on he rode top 10 in every stage race he finished, except San Luis. His sprint isn't bad, he has a reasonable TT and solid climbing, and above all he can handle 200+ km races.

In ten years he might just have a better classics palmares than Sagan...
I think the only problem for him in the future would be, that so far he has shown amazing allrounder skills, but so far he hasn't shown that he is a real winner. In contrast to Sagan for example, who has shown, that he has his limits, but certainly knows how to win a race.

I don't think that Kwiatkowski will turn into an all rounder, who does not excel in anything, but one could fear.
Mar 26, 2009
He reminds me a bit of Spilak some years ago, when he could go very well almost in every route!

Hope to see him more consistent than Spilak.
So, unfortunately he could not keep up the good results today. Of course it's a little disappointing, but i'm not really concerned for him. I think he is fatigued, afterall he has been in very good form since tirreno.