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Mistakes are not the end

Jul 10, 2010
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I made an entry into my journal in 1994. I thought, in light of the current events, that sharing it might be appropriate. I do not recall where I heard the tale, but it was probably on public radio.

June 1, 1994, Wednesday
I must save a story I heard today. It is a true tale, and the woman who told it now heads some sort of juvenile detention facility in New Jersey. She points out that when she was fourteen she made a mistake. She placed her hand against a circular saw. She lost everything below her forearm. She will have to bear that mistake forever. She uses this story for young offenders who have also made "mistakes."
Shortly after this misfortune her daddy was braiding her hair when he asked her if she wanted to know what her brother had just said about her. Since her brother had been wanting to get her bicycle, she was suspicious of him and very much wanted to hear what he had said. Her father relayed that her brother, slyly, had wondered aloud "how she was going to ride her bike now." To this her daddy had replied "I don't see why she couldn't ride her bike."
What she learned from her father that day was that "Mistakes are not The End."
Sep 27, 2010
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I totally agree.