Moreno big-talking...

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May 24, 2010
JMBeaushrimp said:
Well, that was uncalled for...

We're here to discuss the implications of doping in cycling, and its attending issues. This is someone who was up there in the scene for many years, with many big wins. I'm pretty sure the more intelligent parties on the forum will garner something usefull from his release.

As to your tirade? Probably not. Get back to killing things on your PS3, or wiriting your updated list for Santa...

Nice to see you can enlarge fonts on your post, though. Well done.
You've truly hurt me, and put me in my place Thanks. You keep up with everybody's opinion on the state of our sport, Thanks. Discuss away. I'm so very sorry to have upset you.
May 26, 2010
flicker said:
Hugh Januss, Hugh do know what the authentic champion Argentin is speaking about. The crybaby Contador, wheelgate missed rides, the way (my) champion Lance relates to Alberto and is so so mean Lance no es simpatico es muy enojado etc.etc. The crybaby, if only the Astana will submit the receipt, the beef is from spain, no the Basqueland , no from Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, wait maybe Mexico as 48 out of 50 sides of beef tested in Hermesillo Sonora are contaminated with clen.
Bertos' story was changing every three days there for a while.
No wonder the Capo of Capos, Eddy Merckx said" I only hope I can trust Alberto."
I am getting to know Moreno Argentin a little better and am warming up to him.
you'll must have a huge arm and spend a lot on tissues...
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