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Most memorable doped perfomances?

Off the back of the "why watch pro cycling" thread...

Which ride stands out in your mind as being the most unbelievable performance. Assuming the said rider wasn't caught at the dope contol afterwards, we'll just have make some assumptions ;)

I'll kick off with two.

Moreno Argentin Fleche Wallonne 1991 - 50 odd miles by himself. A chasing field never got near him. The most striking thing was that during the breakaway he looked like he was out for a sunday warm down.

George Hincapie Stage 15 2005 TDF - No explanation necessary. I was working on the tour that year and got the distinct impression the team were a little embarrased by the result.

What you got?
Jul 23, 2009
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Andy there was a great thread on this topic about a year or so ago with videos of Lance storming Sestriere, Riis eyeing up the lead bunch on the Hautacam, Mapei, Gewiss, etc. I'd link it if I could find it. Good to see the topic raised again though, I always liked that thread and 2010 saw some new results worthy of inclusion.
Jan 18, 2011
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Floyd's big day in the Tour and Greg's great TT..........Wait, scratch that last one.....Greg's clean. Replace him with Gianni Bugno.....(pick a race)


Aug 17, 2009
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andy1234 said:
Not to be deliberately contrary, but I always thought both of them appeared quite authentic at the time. For full on dopers, they appeared human.

I love them both. I wish Rassmusson comes back.
la.margna said:
agree with all previous "awards"!
but not to forget the Ricco rocket at the Tour 2008.
At around 7:15/7:20: http://youtu.be/IS_dsFNxba8

Actually i didn't think win was that 'special', the pack with all the stars was like 50 riders big, so when Ricco broke away the pace of the pack wasn't that fast.
The Saunier duvall double win a couple of days later (Piepolie winning) was for me way more 'fishy'.
Granville57 said:
Alexi Grewal taking Gold over Steve Bauer at the 1984 Olympics?
The 1984 road team didn't dope that year. I mean blood pack like some track riders. If you're suspecting he was on uppers, well, maybe you're right.

Too many to choose from, :eek: but I'm going to go with the 1998 Tour de Romandie, which was a doping testing ground for that year's Festina team with almost zero controls. Dufaux and the boys were going so fast uphill they had to jam on the brakes going around corners. Watching the helicopter shots, the climbs look like descents at times.

Another "favorite" has to be that ITT Contador won in the Tour where his speeds were faster than any ITT Indurain won in his entire career.

Any number of performances by Virenque, Marco, LA, Riis, Ricco, FDV, etc. of course.
Aug 9, 2010
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The Hitch said:
Floyd into Morzine 2006 is the best ever, no doubt. If your going to dope and get caught, go out in STYLE!!!!
I still think that was a great ride, fresh blood or not. Death or glory!

What confuses me somewhat is that if everyone is on the sauce, especially in the good old days of unlimited EPO, how can one chap blow off the rest of the field so easily? Simple logic says that the rest of the field must be clean, but that's unlikely.

Seriously, can someone explain this?