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Move to stage 2 : Who are the others?

Forgive me ... but to me, this forum is absolutely infested with posts just on Lance and handful of other riders. I can barely distinguish what makes one different from another. :confused: Cycling has just proven how doping can be vertically integrated. On the top are the financiers, below them the team managers, then below them the team doctors, the mechanics, the massage therapists. Below them are the journalists who donate their affections to the doper and ditch their integrity to spreading lies. So who are the others who need to share the same amount of shame as Lance?

I remember during the Iraq War, the U.S military published a handy stack of playing cards with each card displaying the most wanted criminals. Its high time cycling had a list of most wanted that need to go up in the hall of shame. Maybe on playing cards too? :p Let's get this list rolling, if you will support. Format is simple, and you may add to this.

Name :

Crime :

Year(s) of association : /B]