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Murcia - Almeria - Jaen (February 10th, 11th & 12th)

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Danish commentators were questioning why he didn't just swap bikes with Hagenes, said the looked to be about the same size (according to PCS, Hagenes is 1.85m, and Van Aert is 1.90m, don't know how big a difference that is in terms of being able to ride the other's bike).
Not a big deal at all for a short period of time. Slightly smaller is definitely better than slightly larger. Sounds like he should have taken the bike and then swapped again when team cars could reach him. (I didn't get to watch the race based on geo restrictions.)
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here's the replay of it:

thanks! So the rear axles have a handle attached. Almost looks like Wout has never used one before...

So by my eye, 5-10 seconds faster if Wout knew how to use his own equipment, and 30 seconds faster on rim brakes. Not to mention they're at the back of the field. I doubt Wout was at the back when he first noticed the flat. So why did he drift to the back and then dismount and start changing his wheel?

Return of the rabofail...?

They really need to run some drills on this stuff before the tour. Do they seriously never practice wheel changes?