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Murcia - Almeria - Jaen (February 10th, 11th & 12th)

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Kooij looked a bit underdone as he got the most perfect lead-out from Van Aert and just got the bickies - De Lie often loses the wheel in bunch sprints which gives him an impossible task at the finish.
The reason it was close is that actually the leadout wasn't that great... yeah, the final part was, but before that Kooij had to do a little too much on his own, which cost him some energy.
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Lazkano, Arrieta, Prodhomme, Cepeda and Molenaar have broken away from said group, +0:45 and +2:15 for G2 and the peloton, the latter has caught Turner and Brambilla. In other words, Visma and especially Ineos have screwed up.

Edit: and the rest of G2 is caught now too, so basically Lazkano versus Visma and Ineos now. So likely not the decisive break.