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Music! What are you listening to now?

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oldcrank said:
Fan shot video of the inimitable Australian chanteuse Julia Jacklin performing my favourite song on her recent album in concert during her current world tour.
Never heard of her, but she sounds lovely! :)

I'm listening to some old-school rap right now - it's not as lovely, but I do still consider it music.

The Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight Lyrics (FULL VERSION)

Re: Re:

Tricycle Rider said:
jmdirt said:

Comments: "Does Vince sing only using vowels now?!" "Vince is singing in cursive!"

Okay, so Vince was never the best of vocalists... wait, did he just say/sing the N word? :eek:
Well, I always assumed that he sang that way because he was hammered, and now maybe because he has wet brain. I saw them twice at the old Spokane Colosseum, once at an outdoor festival, and twice in Louisville, plus I saw Vince with his solo band at an outdoor festival here. Vince was actually pretty good when they opened for OZZY, but after that things got worse.

I think that was 'naked from an airoplane' (sung: naghuh aerahuhpleg) from at about 1:30, but in his garble 'naghuh" sounds rough.