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Music! What are you listening to now?

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I saw Queensryche with AC/DC at the old Spokane Colosseum in '85 or '86, and then a few other times when they were out on their own. I saw Geoff her in Boise about 10 years ago. We have a mutual friend so I spent an hour or so talking with him after the show, and he's a very cool, interesting guy. A bit of trivia: his first paying music gig was at the Boise Airport Lounge. He has a wine called Insania.


Some real nice dirty ar$e rock n roll from four Sydney lads that all play in three or more projects:
https://youtu.be/vm3WJGCEcrc I really love Monty 'playing it strange' for the outro.

I'm certainly not saying it is "derivative" but if you know Eddie is a big Lou Reed fan you can hear the influence.

The riddum sextion of Josh on the low notes and Clay banging his drums were a really underrated part of the highly successful Phantastic Ferniture gigs last year, in my humble opinion.