Music! What are you listening to now?

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oldcrank said:
Happy Canada Day to our cousins in the colonies. Just like the English have Jerusalem as an 'alternate' anthem, and the Aussies have Waltzing Matilda, the Canucks also have one. At a memorable coaching symposium a group of talented (in many areas but not including singing) Canadians did a rousing rendition of Four Strong Winds at the karaoke night, but I've been lead to believe the following is now widely accepted as Canada's alternate anthem:
Amusing though it is, the thought of an alternative Canadian national anthem not being by Neil Young or Leonard Cohen is a bit of a travesty. As long as it's not Rockin' in the Free World, for that is in and of itself also a travesty.

Jane's Addiction ~ Jane Says

Back for a period when I was around 16, it was before digital radio took off, and there was a fad for pay-to-play music television stations as alternatives to MTV. I remember that was the days of nu-metal, and lots of bands who would seemingly spend more effort on a video that would get them noticed than they would spend on the songs themselves (hello, OK Go!). While that had always been around to some extent (the mighty Polvo lampooned it several years earlier, that would have been during the era where the best exposure a band could get would be a Beavis and Butthead review I guess) it really seemed at its worst around then, exacerbated by it being the height of the nu-metal era so you had an awful lot of pretty terrible music, but as bored teenagers we'd often sit and watch music TV as a group, so I remember a lot of it well. I remember the first time this came into circulation I was pretty baffled, like, how did some two chord acoustic song with a squeaky voiced singer wailing away over steel drums get into the rotation? What was this nonsense? And then, I became fascinated by the stage show being completely unlike anything that I had known from my until-then-mostly-indie-based music experience. And then I realised I wanted to listen again because it had piqued my interest, mainly for curiosity value, just because it seemed so weird. And then I realised on further listening that I wanted to listen again because, actually, it's just a great song and, despite their connections with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, a band I found absolutely execrable, that Jane's were just a pretty unique band. A band that somehow crosses over in the same way as a lot of other alt-rock bands, but in a style completely different to all of those other bands that crossed over, so that you can recognise a Jane's song straight away, even before Perry's inimitable squawking begins.

The Kettle Whistle version is best though. That's from Lollapalooza in '91 and, though the footage is from their reformation tour in '97 (hence why Flea is filling in on bass in place of Eric Avery, who skipped that period), that version forms the basis for the music video.

Unchained said:

Voice of the past
Love it!

Total non sequitur here, but I've been listening to a lot of Quelle Chris lately. He's a rapper who talks a lot about the sorry state of affairs in the U.S. concerning guns and social and economic disparity. I guess this sounds like a bummer, but his tunes are multi-layered and he has a quirky voice.
Definitely nothing like what you posted, but worth a listen.
I can't find the Latin drum solos for the few songs that I have listened to here but you get it

It is hard to believe that I saw Van Halen,Ted Nugent, AC\DC and John Cougar Mellonhead..lived next door to 3 girls that all had me in a trance. If they asked me to murder someone I would have done it. The oldest was listening to jazz(?) In between Running w the Devil and The Tubes. She asked " do you like this? ".as I did I said" yes I love it! "
She got me a ticket and w my father's permission I saw Gato and Jaco Pastorius at ASU's Gammage Auditorium ,all before I was legally able to see a PG movie.
If you are not a jazz fan,look around and some of these performer s may change your mind.
The legendary actress/model/musician known by the stage name of Nico passed on to the next world on or about this day in 1988 while riding her bike in Ibiza. I saw her once at CBGB's in NYC ... sometime in the late 70's or more likely early 80's. I was so transfixed by her performance (solo with a harmonium) that I didn't realise I was sitting beside David Bowie for the first half of her show!

Thanks Old Crank for a memory jolt.

I wonder when I first was exposed to Grace Slick or Siouxsie and the Banshees what it was? The draw of the voice tone.
Just listened to a few of her more pop cuts..Nico is captivating at the very least.
I went to a sound check for TheThe back in the day.the way the keyboards were tuned and mic't was completely new to me. I was a bit skeptical about the deeper idea of musician replacement. Todd Rundgren had proposed doing large tours mostly being accompanied by a computer, using background vocal and music samples to play both his new and old songs.
I feel pretty foolish about it all now.
The idea that a harmonium can fit into more songs is a hope. The idea that someone's voice would be so perfectly paired is probably impossible.
I wonder where O I will find what Bowie took to use after hearing Nico..
I will need to listen for it..

Don't ask me were this fits in the brain from a punk from Scottsdale..but there is room