Music! What are you listening to now?

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In the intro to his seminal novelty song "Constipation Blues", Screaming Jay Hawkins points out, "ladies and gentlemen, most people record songs about love, loneliness, heartbreak, being broke. Nobody ever wrote a song about real pain."

Although he was using it for comic purposes, to describe constipation as a greater pain than loss or heartbreak, he was kind of right. Most people write their songs about trivial subjects like sex, drugs, love, loneliness, misery and other things that don't truly matter. Finnish punk pop band the Van Dammes (named, of course, for Hollywood's greatest ever actor), however, understand that there is not enough music out there about what really matters... ski jumping.

The Olympics are coming, so time to get in the mood.


It's very late, but I venture to this section maybe about once in every four months anyway.
And since my last post in this thread is about my first encounter with them, I want to conclude my thoughts about them after some time:

  1. From the live videos, they look so hopelessly clumsy and next-level uninspiring on stage, and not getting any better with time. It's a pity.
  2. The 2nd album is pretty and neat, but I wish this 'democratic' style is just an experiment, just a phase. It works as an experiment but they need to give it more to Lottie like in the 1st album and let her brain loose! She's something (Of course it's just my personal taste, most of my favourite bands were centred around one or two members, I found such bands' music tend to be tighter and more 'honest').
  3. I still have to thank them for almost single-handedly motivating my weary 70s/90s ears to enjoy and listen to a lot of new musics again:)