New Cycling Manager game coming up - VeloVerse Cycling

Feb 25, 2022
Hi all
Very excited to share, that we are launching a new Cycling Manager game called VeloVerse Cycling.
It is a browser game where you get a team with a number of riders. You then race a few races a week, where you set orders for your team.
Sign up is coming in around 6 weeks.

We cant wait to show you the game.
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Feb 25, 2022
Hi again.
We are working hard on the game. I have received some questions on the game, so let me clarify. It is not a game you buy or download.
It is a free-to-play browser game, where you log in to a webpage. You will be the manager of a team of riders, that vary in stats.
You then compete in races a few times a week, where you have to set some orders for your riders ahead of the race. The race itself is automatically calculated, and you can follow it live on a viewer.
We see it as a game you can spend 5 minutes on here and there while doing other things, like watching real cycling on your TV.

Are there any specific features, that you would like to have implemented in such a game? We are working hard, but the actual game is still being build, so we can adapt.

Any of you out there interested in an opportunity to have a role on the discord, then let me know here.
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