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New Jerseys - 2022 Season - TeamKits-Maillots-Tricots-Tenues

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Ladies and Gentlemen, what a great way to start this legendary thread's 2022 edition:


(new Continental team from Spain)
It's like the beautiful child of SDWorks and Evo Pro with added Carebears
TBF they've been running an amateur team in Spain in the interim, but yes.

Takes me back to the glory days of Team Ukyo - team boss Ukyo Katayama (the former F1 driver and mountaineer) has a personal link (I believe through his wife) to the manufacturers of the popular Hatsune Miku vocaloid, essentially an anime girl embodiment of autotune software that has taken on a merchandising life of its own, resulting in some pretty absurd jerseys. 2018 started with them clad in this:


The riders are probably glad that Zenrin came on board as a secondary sponsor meaning that by the time most races came along they looked a bit more presentable:


...well, at least from the front. Helicams will have picked up the back of the jersey, which looked like this:


(I will give bonus points for the creative way to get Zenrin's sponsorship on the back while keeping the vocaloid).

Racing Miku is less of a thing now in terms of the jerseys. "Itasha" designs are a bit more presentable as a car wrap (see Goodsmile Racing in Super GT, also run by Katayama) than body-hugging lycra, so instead they have normal cycling team styled jerseys, and just sell figurines of Racing Miku with a bike and Team Ukyo kit.
A picture of someone wearing the jersey on the jersey is so beautifully meta.
How in god's name can a team change kit supplier 3 times and still end up with such similar jerseys
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Lol, at first I was wondering why Mads Pedersen has the Irish (or Ivorian) national colours on his sleeves.
Hahaha, same here, I thought it was Mullen at the first look.

Last season's kit was much better. This one looks like the graphic desginers wanted to do their job as fast as possible and go home. It's very similair to the one they had in '19 Tour or something.
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