New Jerseys - 2022 Season - TeamKits-Maillots-Tricots-Tenues

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I like that the men's and women's teams have matching designs. On the other hand, the ladies squad had stellar outfits in previous seasons, the new one feels a bit underwhelming compared to those. But all in all it's alright.
Mads and Lizzie both look like they're leading a youth classification.

Previous years were much better
4 WT teams revealed their kits, zero difference from past years. We have all seen this designs in the past year (Ineos, AG2R & DSM) and in 2019 (Trek). DSM has the bonus of being a design that is also repeated from their 2016 team, with other sponsors.
It can easily fit one more sponsor after Sidermec in the front and on the sides of the Drone Hopper logo in the back.
From the record high of 21 (IIRC) last year to 15 is a really bad performance, probably the minimum in many years. But if you look at the poster behind since they printed that they have added a couple of logos so could be that it's not the final form yet.
Anyway with the bigger sponsor onboard (Savio said the plan is to enter in the WT by 2024) there shouldn't be the need anymore to gofoundmeeing.