New policy regarding sockpuppet accusations

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KAT said:
Hello i 'm Nicola Natile from Castellana Grotte Italy , i 'm a huge fan of Nairo Quintana , and i don't like Chris Froome , i create a profile on this forum because i like cycling a lot IN ITALY we have a strong passion for cycling . MY profile was Nairoman and was perma banned because i made errors that i will not repeat , please don't consider me a sockepuppet i apologize me and i don't made mistakes in the future , please i 'm a great fan , i will respect strictly the rules , but give me a possibility , many thanks
Sorry, we don't allow the return of sockpuppets or previously perma banned members.

We expect people to read the forum rules before they post here and abide by them at all times, which you did neither of.

Our policy is strict for a reason, unfortunately you'll have to find another cycling forum to post comments.




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