new secondhand frame

Jul 10, 2010
I recently took a bit of a gamble and bought a frame on e-bay..Its a
Colnago Dream lux--all alloy pre the carbon rear end.--Vintage -about 2002
Its on the way from Hungary [thats the gamble!] to me here in New Zealand,so I might see it next year [or never!]
I assumed that it would have 1 1/8 steerer,and have accumulated some stuff accordingly,but I see another one ,looks the same model on e-bay now with 1inch steerer---Does anyone know if this frame came with either or both? or will I just have to wait it out and see!.
I will be on a winner if it all works out!
Aug 4, 2009
bobgod said:
******! --but thanks for your reply
[I have a Star carbon fork --1 1/8]
that fork wont fit

Dont worry wait untill you get the frame then see what is available in headset and fork you can get them on Ebay cheap enough.

I have a fork and headset you can have for cost of freight from Melbourne it is at the local bike shop but I can get it.
You may want something better.
Jul 10, 2010
Thanks Brian--I have a couple of ideas up the sleeve,so to speak.
I will just wait and see what it looks like when [if] it gets here.
The head tube is split--the seller said a 'mechanic' tried to force the lower bearing in! Reading between the lines he probably tried to fit an 1 1/8 into the 1' headtube. I have a 1" precisa fork here,so all is not lost.
This frame was cheap [probably an insurance claim?]
I might have to weld a new headtube on--then it could be 1 1/8 !
I have a bit of engineering experience, so am looking forward to the challenge.
Could always hang it on the wall as art,Colnago always look good like that!:confused:
A couple of years ago I bought a Colnago Bi-titano from the USA which was also cracked--I think they use crappy Russian Titanium or just poor weld technique--but I had it welded at the local airline and is is still going strong.Sold it to an old friend [he's still a friend:)
This will be my fourth Colnago--if it eventuates.
Mar 12, 2009
Replacing a tube on a welded Aluminum frame may not be possible; especially the head tube. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.