Vuelta a España Ninja of La Vuelta

Also considered Meintjes and Grossschartner yesterday. The problem is i can see those guys lose too much time and go in a break and get a top 10 finish that way.

Knox might actually be good enough to finish inside the top 10 a few times, especially in this rather weak field. Maybe Cras, Eg, Roche, CF Hagen...

I'll go with Roche. Eventhough he will probably also go in a break.
Who will be the highest placed on GC without a top ten finish (excluding team time trial)

You can't name a rider someone else has taken.
I think the criteria are rather restrictive. How about a forum consensus over a rider that hid, was hardly mentioned and, most importantly, never attacked.
If he goes in a break, he either is so low in the GC that he is unlikely to win this title, or he will take a top ten on the stage and disqualify himself from the rankings.

Anything else is rather subjective: UK commentators will mention Geoghegan Hart and Knox, no matter how unremarkable their ride; Kirby will dwell on Meintjes in particular, and DD in general, if they are near the screen, and TV producers will linger on any Spanish rider, national jersey wearer, carrier of injuries/bottles etc.
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Yeah I think Kelderman won't get TV time
Kelderman's a good bet, I think.

BTW, I thought the way we used the term ninja here meant a rider flying under the radar but still ending up with a top 10-15 placing, a la Zubeldia. What the point of identifying a rider who goes unnoticed AND misses a top placing? Aren't they just bad (or domestiques) ?
The original question wasn't who isn't going to get the most press coverage, it was:
"Who will be the highest placed on GC without a top ten finish (excluding team time trial)

You can't name a rider someone else has taken."

So I made my choice based off the fact Sky/Ineos usually have theor support riders in the top 11-20 that don't have a top 10 in stages supporting their leaders and he was the most logical that wouldn't get a top 10 out of the lot. Though that all went to hell today. :/
Since Vuelta 2013 Majka was not even once close to finishing a GT without any top10 on a stage. Unlikely candidate. If he is strong enough to go for GC, he'll get some top10 on mountain stages, if he is not, he will go for breakways and still probably get some top10s this way as a profficient breakaway specialist unless his form turns out to be really poor, in which case he won't finish high enough in GC bo win the ninja competition.