Nordic Skiing/Biathlon Thread

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Well, with the 5-8m/s wind the chill effect makes the effective temperature around -25-30 centigrade. I too would have wanted to see 50k, but this was probably the best compromise.

Wondering if at last we see some team tactics. The conditions should be suitable for them.
I don't like how tv schedules (mostly in countries that don't care much about the event) result in suboptimal decisions, they could easily have postponed the 50km until tomorrow and hoped for better weather.
the race now had to be postponed by an hour and shortened to 30k :(

I woke up thinking that I would catch the race around the mid point but this is kind of shocking. However I think this plays into Bolshunov's hands even more as it will be more difficult to Holund, Spitsov and co to drop him and Klæbo will likely be dropped anyway. Watch out for Maltsev too, this distance should be really good for him too and he is a fast finisher.
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Jochen Behle is furios about the decision on Eurosport.
Guys have been specifically preparing for this Race and then Fis Just shortens the race. But not only that, they also take away the hardest climb. And why? Because Norwegians and their pretty boy dont' t like the conditions.
Sadest day in XC skiing history.
Their golden boy is getting destroyed anyway, so it won't matter.
Still, it's a joke.
Did the Norwegians really plan to change skis there or did they have problems with their first pair of skis? Because that looked stupid in this wind.

Edit: Well now Krüger makes my statement look stupid :D