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Page Design

May 5, 2009
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Page Design Suggestions

I just read your Stage 8 report.


Things I would suggest:

1. Wrap the text around all the available white space. It will make for an easier read with less scrolling.

2. Move the photo for the stage to the top, to the right-hand side of the title of the piece. Also move the 'Send this page to a friend' and 'Share this page with others' and 'Print this page' to below the photo. This will help you have a cleaner, less obtrusive look. In fact, I would examine the usage of these links. I might eliminate these or move them to the bottom. Are they necessary?

3. Place a 'Next Stage' - 'Previous Stage link. This was a nice feature of the old site.

4. OR - Place a link to all Stage Reports i.e., Stage 1 Report - Stage 2 Report, etc... on this page. It's an option to the Stage tables you used to have, where you could conveniently go to other stages easily.