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Mar 13, 2009
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Euskaltel's Juanjo Oroz is a father for the first time. After completing the second stage of the Basque Country, he drove to Pamplona arriving just 3 minutes before the birth!

Son Oihan and mother are doing well.

Christian said:
@Wouter Weylandt:

In september i'll be daddy cool!! Yeah!


And now reading this is just so sad! :(


On a lighter note: A little "calf" was born last night when Chris Anker Sørensen, aka "The Ox from Hammel", became daddy to a healthy baby-girl.

Yeah! I just had to make a lame word-play!
Jul 10, 2010
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RedheadDane said:
Well... my grandfather was called Jens Jensen I guess that's sorta the same...

Yeah, I kinda like it. Ewan McEwen, Jens Jensen. Rhyming.

You know, I think the original meaning of Mc or Mac - was "of the family" - so it is Ewan of the Ewens. And "sen" on the end, is I think, related to the frequent Germanic use of "son" - Jens son of Jens.

If they still followed that tradition - and I think some do, like say, in Iceland (?) - then your kids would have a last name of Redsen, eh?

Joking - just joking!
Jan 13, 2014
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"Our family is growing fast,very proud beeing a 2nd daddy.we know Teo, Nayla, and lets wait for my big Bro Steve baby.cheersfrom crit.in" @schleckfrank

congrats schleck family!
Some great news after the personal tragedy they suffered last year:

Some wonderful baby news in the Etixx - Quick-Step family! Tom Boonen just announced the birth of his two baby girls, Valentine and Jacqueline! 2.4 kilos each. Post your congratulations in the comments below! Congratulations to Tom and Lore from the whole team!

From the team's FB page.