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"Peddlers - Cycling's Dirty Truth" 5 live follow up

Mar 11, 2012
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Mark Chapman presents a follow up to "Peddlers - Cycling's Dirty Truth" with further discussion and interviews on the issue of drugs and doping in cycling. With guests Andy Parkinson, chief executive of UK Anti-Doping and journalist Jeremy Whittle.

Starts with Bonnie Ford/Whittle/Chapman talking about Lance unfolding. Middle third is extensive interview with Brailsford about Sky and how this has impacted on them. Interesting his thoughts about the AIGCP meeting and that they'll look after the the people that follow Julich out now, but not those that prove to have lied subsequently. Whittle's comments on Brailsford and Lance, makes it plain what he thinks of Liggett. Then they turn to UCI/Pat and Anne Gripper with her thoughts.

A good listen.