Pick 8 from these 10 to NOT be on podium with AC.

Pick the 8 who will NOT be on the podium with AC

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Most everyone thinks Contador will surely be on the podium, if not win the overall. What's really interesting is who else will be there with him. Here are 10 podium contenders. Pick at least eight who you think will NOT be on the podium with Contador.

This is really hard.
Jun 9, 2009
pretty much evans in second position with a tussle between andy and dennis for third. I picked Dennis
Interesting results so far. The majority believes only Evans will be on the podium with AC, which is of course necessarily wrong. So far, only three on the list are not put on the podium by anyone.
franciep10 said:
actually not so hard, evans and sastre should be on the podium.
I would think so too, except I don't know much.
But I think Armstrong does know something, and his focus on Sastre tells me two things:

1) He thinks Sastre is the one for him to beat.
2) He thinks he will beat Sastre

Who am I to question Lance? After all, he has all but conceded to Contador already. That endorsement, combined with Evans' relatively weak team (even moreso without Dekker), is why I'm thinking it will be AC, LA and Sastre. We'll see.