Question Pinarello frame quality

Nov 9, 2019

Two days ago i went to an outlet from a bike distributor for Pinarello, a lot of pretty things to look at and at greatly discounted prices. I saw a Pinarello prince disk frameset which took my interest and asked for a quote for a complete bike. Yesterday they sent me the quote for a complete build and the price was within my budget (not a Pinarello kind of budget btw). Eager as I was I told them, on the phone, I would take the bike, sight unseen (the bike I saw earlier was a different colour and size).

They told me they needed a few measurements, and as I was in the area I told them I would just come over and take a look at the frame and get my measurements taken. They displayed my frame so i could take a look at it, and one of the first things i noticed was that there were 2 white spots on the toptube. The colourway I went for was the Black on Black, so the topstube is just the carbon with a satin finish so you can see the weave of the carbon. The white spots were on the parts of the toptube where the two parts of the carbon meet. I couldn't feel anything if i went over the two white spots ands it wasn't cracked or anything. I asked the salesperson about it and asked if it was dropped or anything had happened with it, and he told me this was normal and it was just some leftover resin which looks exaggerated by the satin finish and the lights in the store. He also told me other bikes could have this too but you wouldn't be able to see it when they are painted in that area. So I, a carbon bike newbie, thought: "well he definetly knows more about carbon bikes than I do, so he probably is right". And i was still filled with excitement that I just bought a bike.

Now today I had a good night's sleep and woke up this morning still thinking about these white spots. Did some research on different kinds of carbon damage, but couldn't find anything that relates to this kind of problem. It is in a pretty visible area of the bike. But even if this is just some lefover resin, should I be expecting this kind of quality in a high-end carbon roadbike? Should I cancel my order or ask if they have another frame? Does this affect my warranty?

TL;DR : Looking at a Pinarello , but the frame has 2 white spots on the toptube where the carbon layup overlaps. Is it damage or just some leftover resin as the shop suggests? Should i still take it, as it has a heavy discount? Is this the expected kind of quality from Pinarello, it is in a really stand-out visible area?
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