Pointless News Of The Day

Jun 18, 2009
dimspace said:
Wednesday 12th August
Man pushes bike to top of mountain


Begs the question, why didnt he ride it..? (or at least try) he didnt even ride it down... pussy

Ha ha ha..... Yeah, I agree, he should have at least tried to ride it. I think my old road bike was pretty close to 37 lbs. :rolleyes:

It would have been pretty cool if he modified it and put in some MTB gears and rode it up. That would have been quite a sight!
Mar 18, 2009
I forget his name or avatar, but a guy that posts here rode the TdF route this year on the same days as the race, and also including transfers, on a bike with gear that weighed 45 kg! Imagine pushing that weight up into the winds on Ventoux!