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Post a pic of your desktop

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Mar 11, 2009
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The Orion Nebula:
craig1985 said:
That is a fantastic photo.

Wow thanks, Craig. :p

This year's Tour passed through the area for the post-Alps flattish stage through to Bourg-les-Valence, a week after we were there. It's amazing that they managed to make the profile so flat because it's such a hilly region with fantastic climbs like the Col de Rousset.

I coudn't get the desktop pic to work, but this is what it is, less the little icons. I took it last winter from my back deck. The combination of hillsides devoid of vegetation from the fires a few months before and a typical Los Angeles mountains morning snow dusting makes it look like "real" mountains.
L'arriviste said:

My work desktop, updated to remind me of my recent holiday. :) Mont Aiguille as seen from the summit of the Grand Veymont.

When I saw the pix before looking at it in detail I thought : La Réunion.

In fact it's just down south 3hrs by car from here. AND I was at the bottom of Mont Aiguille early June 2010 for 1 week of walking west from there, but the group wanted an easy start for the first day. I should have come one day earlier to see that sight, amazing. But then, even from the bottom, Mont Aiguille is awesome, litterally.