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Powertap Questions

Mar 15, 2009
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I don't recall where, but I have seen a recommendation for the Cervo 2.4 as a wireless computer only as opposed to other brands without consideration of ever purchasing a Powertap hub. Any opinions regarding whether to purchase this for the sole purchase of using it as a wireless computer?

My LBS rents a complete Powertap package for $25 per three days of $60 for a week. I was considering renting it in March and June to measure my improvement(or lack of) during the riding season. Would this give me much beneficial information or simply be a novelty thing for me to do? How much information can be viewed on the Powertap screen without going to the effort of installing software and downloading the data to a computer? How much effort,time, hassle is involved installing and setting up the software? I have Windows XP Professional Edition.

For the cost it seems like a neat thing to do.
Mar 13, 2009
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If you just want a cordless HR monitor then I think there are cheaper options than the PT head unit. Probably a polar CS200 or similar would be a good option, you can still download your information and track your training.

As far as renting a PT I think it would be more a novelty than anything else. Sure you'd be able to see some numbers and you could compare them after a couple of months but the real benefits of training with power come from building up a good sample of rides and then being able to base your training on the numbers you are able to glean from these. The greater the number of ride files you are able to build up the more you learn to read the data and train with it. The software itself is easy to load (you can just download from the Saris website) and downloading the data is as easy as plugging in and pressing a few buttons. You need to download the information for it to be of any use to you other that basic average and max watts.

I know some coaches are still quite focused on HR, and training with it definitely brings results, however training with power is something that if you can afford it is definitely worth the $$$. Personally I've found that it has allowed me to fix my training levels far more accurately and work to those levels. It also allows you to get to know your own body and what it's able to achieve and how it feels at various levels of exertion. I have also found that it keeps me extra motivated, being able to download and see my ride files in detail helps to spur me on.

At the end of the day you still need to ride your bike to improve and realistically any structured training will bring results. I bought a PT so I could take full advantage of limited training time and focus that time to be as effective as possible. It's certainly helped me.

Hope that helps.


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