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Who will win a GT?

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Which of these riders will win a Grand Tour in the future? You have more than one vote.

Andrew Talansky
Bauke Mollema
Joaquim Rodríguez
Jurgen Van Den Broeck
Nairo Quintana
Nicholas Roche
Rigoberto Urán
Roman Kreuziger
Tejay Van Garderen
Thibaut Pinot

I didn't include Fuglsang, Betancur etc. due to a lack of space.

Last year Chris Froome won this poll convincingly, and you were right. Horner wasn't included in that poll.
Jan 11, 2010
Quintana is almost a certainty. The Americans are overrated, Mollema, Uran, and VDB lack that little bit extra to win a GT.

But Froome and Quintana can't ride every GT for the coming 5 years, so I guess one of these guys will eventually win a GT.
Jun 6, 2013
Voted Quintana and Purito.

The later more in hope as it would be a shame if he retired without winning one when he's been so consist for the last few years...
Quintana is a safe bet.
Purito has a good 6-7 years of peak left and eventually the Vuelta will come out with 21 uphill finishes and he better not screw up.
Among the others, Roman K and Uran have the better shot at winning a GT if everything goes right. I prefer Uran though.
Sep 8, 2012
Surprised to see J-Rod getting so few votes.

If the Vuelta continue this theme for the foreseeable future - and they most definitely are - then sooner or later he wins it.
Say that I thought a victory by Horner would finish off this crazy GT hype on Internet forums. Apparently I'm wrong

He could win one at age 50, it would still be the current blend of cycling fans' favourite races.

I'm still glad he won though. For years I've rooted for him at Bore de France in order to finally discredit that race, but I won't deny myself a good thing. Discrediting Bore a España is already very good.

Back on topic, Horner to get at least one next year !

(this post is not clinic relatedat all, don't delete it, mods!)
Nairo is an obvious choice. If you finish second in Tour de France at the age of 23, nobody can discount you as a future GT winner.

I believe Talansky might win as well. He has very good TT and great recovery. He always tends to be stronger in 3rd week. He is pure GT specialist, I would say. I believe he missed his peak form for TdF this year. I think he would be fighting with Kreuziger if he came for TdF in his Paris-Nice form.

Purito was definetely capable of win but I think he's missed his chance. At his age he is not going to get any better in the future and I think he is lucky if he can maintain his current level to 2014. He is no Horner. I think he will not win.

Roche? I don't think so. I've never seen him excelling in high mountains in prestigous race. I don't think he is going to improve that much at his age.

Van den Broeck? I would say he has to try concentrate on Giro or Vuelta instead of TdF. If he does so, he has slight chance. But he needs to go back to his 2012 level first.

Pinot? Very young and already impressed (two top10 finishes overall). Can't discount him.

Mollema? I would say he has a chance. But I can see him winning Vuelta rather than Giro or TdF. I think he is already good enough to win Vuelta if there is not much opposition. But he would need to skip TdF (and Giro possibly to), he is likely not to decide to go this way.

Uran? Maybe. Depends on circumstances. His current team has not a good history of developing GT GC contenders recently, hopefully Uran breaks the trend or he will have a hard time of winning a GT ever.

Kreuziger? I doubt. I have an impression he can't maintain his best level through the whole 3 weeks.

Van Garderen? Hard to say. If there is a course with much flat TT and he doesn't have great opposition from other riders, he may win. He is very unpredictable rider, though, so I can see many possible scenarios of what his career will look like in the future.

Outside riders mentioned in the poll, watch out for Lachlan Morton!
Aug 16, 2013
Purito can win the Giro, will be a nice fight against Porte, but with the steep climbs in Italy Purito should be able to beat him.
Arredondo said:
Purito can win the Giro, will be a nice fight against Porte, but with the steep climbs in Italy Purito should be able to beat him.
If Purito realized that this winter he would most likely have one GT in his palmares right now. He went for a Tour podium instead.
Aug 16, 2013
Eshnar said:
If Purito realized that this winter he would most likely have one GT in his palmares right now. He went for a Tour podium instead.
Don't remember me about that, it's too painful;)
Aug 16, 2011
Quintana is the most obvious choice, too much talent for him not to win a GT.

I would also add Betancur, I was impressed with his performance at the Giro, he could definitely win a Giro or Vuelta, especially one that's short on TT km's.

Also Henao, I think can.

Purito still can I think, he won't make the mistake of targeting the Tour again I don't think. As long as he sticks to Giro-Vuelta he should be able to take at least one GT in the coming years. Sure he's getting older, but we just saw a 41 year old win.

Uran I think could, as long as that GT isn't the Tour.

Pinot, I hope, but have no idea. Will have to wait and see if he improves in descending and time trialing.

And I'm going to be biased and vote Tejay as well. :D

Edit: I'd add Kwiatkowski too.
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