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President of the Belgian Federal tackles UCI to unseat McQuaid


Jun 16, 2009
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Saturday night Elected President of the Belgian federation, Tom Van Damme, imagined himself already to succeed Pat McQuaid in 2013. The trouble is that the UCI does not want him for the moment. In September 2009, his application to the board of directors, dismissed, had already caused a diplomatic incident.

A year and a half after the end of the conflict in the ProTour, the struggle to lead the cycling world is not really over. The UCI has observed closely the federations of the "Old Europe", who attempted the coup, together with the organizers of the three Grand Tours. Since early 2009, relations with France have been relaxed since the FCC has turned the page of the highly virulent Jean Pitallier, although his successor, David Lappartient has sometimes been suspected of having led a double play in the time of crisis. The case of Belgian Cycling - the new name of the Belgian federation, once KBVB-RLVB - is more boring. She was elected as president on Saturday night, in Namur, its former CEO, Tom Van Damme. This has greatly outpaced the other two candidates. It puts an end to thirteen years of governance by Laurent De Backer, "reached the age limit" to 74 years. The former president of the Belgian federation has not always been kind to the UCI. The new is more dangerous still.

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Will paddy hold on till 2013 ?
May 11, 2009
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I'm all for a change in UCI leadership if it makes UCI management more transparent with more flexible rules (e.g. the USA problem with continental teams).