Project on cyclists safety

Oct 30, 2018
We are a groupe of five students doing an entrepreneurship project in a French engineering school (Institut d'Optique).
We aim at developing a lighting system in order to make the cyclists safer on the road.
First and foremost, we are trying to better understand the safety needs of a cyclist on the road thanks to this form.

Here is the link to the form :

Thank you for contributing to our project.
I wish the post author and anybody like them the best of luck. There is lots of sadness around here after a fantastic person was killed while racing in a long distance mountain bike race.

I would like to say something I have a tiny bit of experience on.
ordered a bike light for myself, red small aluminum light, USB rechargeable.
Glumes bike rear light.
I saw it posted for .69 cents American plus shipping and taxes on Amazon.
I bought 3 initially and after getting the 3. I bought 20 more to give as gifts. If this helps anybody ride safer I have accomplished everything.
If you don't like Amazon you can probably buy it elsewhere. My points were the amount of protection for the excuse not to have 1 for less than 3 bucks delivered
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