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QS 2018

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The question stil stands though: if Ibarguen was the recipe for success in the classics, why does Movistar still sucks there?
No improvement for the likes of Aranburu and Cortina.
-Valverde has been super strong this year despite 2 illnesses. 2nd in Strade. Competitive on Valencia despite a puncture.
-Aranburu closed pogacar attack on the poggio when others couldn't
-Garcia was very very strong on Sunday. Just missed the right moves.
-Carlos Verona has been climbing at a higher level
-Jorgenson 3rd on montaigne de lure.
-Enric Mas was very strong in Valnciea and Tirreno

I agree that in terms of results, his impact hasn't really shown, and in my opinion they have not improved as much as I expected.

However, I still think their top riders have improved slightly.

Outside of ibarguren, movistar roster is very weak and not really a team of winners. So it's not going to translate straightaway.

Its also quite funny that both Aranburu and Cortina beat the best Quickstep rider on Sunday