QS 2018

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The question stil stands though: if Ibarguen was the recipe for success in the classics, why does Movistar still sucks there?
No improvement for the likes of Aranburu and Cortina.
-Valverde has been super strong this year despite 2 illnesses. 2nd in Strade. Competitive on Valencia despite a puncture.
-Aranburu closed pogacar attack on the poggio when others couldn't
-Garcia was very very strong on Sunday. Just missed the right moves.
-Carlos Verona has been climbing at a higher level
-Jorgenson 3rd on montaigne de lure.
-Enric Mas was very strong in Valnciea and Tirreno

I agree that in terms of results, his impact hasn't really shown, and in my opinion they have not improved as much as I expected.

However, I still think their top riders have improved slightly.

Outside of ibarguren, movistar roster is very weak and not really a team of winners. So it's not going to translate straightaway.

Its also quite funny that both Aranburu and Cortina beat the best Quickstep rider on Sunday
id watch for movistar to sign Ayuso in the future - once he gets tired of being second wheel to pog - and only then movistar getting their own version of UAE/Jumbo...i think it is, much like communist party, a 5 year plan that will be done in about 3