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Quality of translations

Are you using Google Translate, plus some guy who loves sangria as the editor? Talking mostly about Spanish>English translations here, but I'm pretty sure it's the same with other languages.

This is just the latest example:
Here's the original source in Spanish.
The team has never considered myself as a leader
El equipo nunca me ha considerado un líder
Why "myself" instead of "me"? That's terrible grammar.
After the Giro, I told them that I would not follow
Después del Giro les dije que no iba a seguir
"Seguir" as in "stay", not "follow". How does "follow" make any sense here?
Then, in the negotiations, the offer the sporting director gave me, was not the best for me
Y luego en las negociaciones el proyecto deportivo que me ofrecían no era el mejor para mí
This is simply wrong. The original doesn't say anything about any sporting director; it says "sporting project", which means basically everything from his role in the team to his racing program, helpers and dedicated staff.
They did not have another leader placed
Aquí no tenían sitio para otro líder
What the hell? "Another leader placed"? Autotranslate + an original that didn't make sense to the editor so they didn't dare change it, I'd wager. "There wasn't room for another leader here [at Astana]" is what Landa says.

This is very, very amateurish. Hire some actual translators, please.
The article has been revised and the issues I mentioned were addressed, some of them rather poorly. "Racing programme" is still not the same as "proyecto deportivo", and ""[I was not in the] position to do it (ask for a better contract), nor did I have the power to demand it" is simply wrong: Landa is talking about how he was in no position to demand an explanation from Astana about his lack of captaincy opportunities, not a better contract.

So, yeah.
The translation of the quotes of Elisa Longo Borghini in the news shorts are terrible.

“Sometimes you should just listen to your body and rest,” she wrote in her latest blog on the Wiggle-High5 website. “The Ardennes permanently closed the first half of the season, I can consider it good overall although the last three races have a little disappointed.

Amstel, Arrow and Liege were three events that I really wanted and I've worked for a while. Unfortunately before the 'Amstel Gold race I got sick and I had to jump the arrow. Thinking that he had recovered for Liege, I went to Belgium unambitious but with the desire to honour the race.”

Arrow, really? "Jump the arrow"? "He had recovered"?