Quick release is stuck


One of my friends bought a new bike a couple months ago. He doesn't know much about maintenance etc so I help him with it.

We encounter a problem though: the back wheel has a quick release and it is stuck. Impossible to open it. The front wheel has a hex key so no problem there to take out the wheel but impossible for the back wheel. The wheel has never been taken out since he owns the bike.

We have tried everything to open it: using a lever on the quick release, a screw driver and some towels, sprayed wd40 on it but it remains as stuck as can be.

At the moment this is mainly a problem for when he tries to clean his bike but at some point he will have a flat tire and it will really pose a problem.

Any tips how to solve this?

It's a scott speedster 10 Disc: https://www.bike-components.de/fr/Scott/Velo-Complet-Speedster-10-Disc-Modele-2021-p80488/?o=862600147-slate-grey-black-52-cm&delivery_country=BE&gclid=CjwKCAjwnPOEBhA0EiwA609Refwz88k3rxtPdCeIJpgYnos4M0YwC7HQIH8poFuoAP9lPvoyCVIKRxoCUx0QAvD_BwE

Here are some pics from the quick release:

That's not a traditional quick release. The lever is just used to turn the axle in/out. If you are trying to pull it down like old school it won't come down.

Disclaimer: I can't really see the images very well (too small then too grainy on enlarge).