Race Design Thread

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roundabout said:
Portillon on the stage to Luchon? Or Aspet-Mente-valley?

Yeah, I would say something like this (so less significant than original stage, serves more like an appetizer):


That is with Aspet (6.2 km; 6.2%) Mente (6.5 km; 8.5%) and Portillon (8.5 km; 6.5%)
Quick question: I know there have been races such as Nice-Mont Agel, Monte Carlo-Mont Agel in the 60s but does anyone know whether Mont Agel has *ever* been in the discussion for a Tour de France MTF?

I get that it's military area etc on top but there's a lot of space on top, a stunning view across the Cote d'Azur and a good final climb to that much sought after Alpes-Maritimes stage in Nice's hinterland and surely La Turbie or even Monaco could afford it.

I mean - I'd love something like this (mainly cause it would throw the cat amongst the pigeons from the get-go) but an ASO-fied softer version shouldn't be impossible to do:


Menton (First 10km are cut off)
Col De La Madone De Gorbio (12,5km 7%) 1eme
Col De Cavalier (5,5km 7,2%) 2eme
Col De Braus (9km 6,8%) 1eme
Col De Turini (5km, 6% & 12km 7,3%) 1eme (just outside HC from that side)
Col De Porte (7km 7%) + Baisse de la Cabanette (4,5km 8,5%) 1eme
Notre Dame des Anges (4km 5,7%) 3eme
Col De Châteauneuf (5,5km 6,8%) 2eme
Col d'Eze (6,7km 6,6%) 2eme
Mont Agel (12,2km 7,2%) 1eme

Been Zomegning a little considering that's nine categorised climbs but oh well.
togo95 said:
Stage 18: Pau - Hautacam; 161 km

Last mountain stage should open possibilities for those who want to change something about the result of the race. I think this one does it much more than the original one, although I like Tourmalet.

Col de Marie Blanque (56) - 9.2 km; 7.7%
Col d'Aubisque (93) - 16.6 km; 7.2%
Col de Spandelles (127) - 10.2 km; 8.4%
Hautacam (161) - 15.8 km; 7.6%


So much better then the ridiculous ASO stage. You could include Souscousse/Soudet, though.

Libertine Seguros said:
Nothing like the chaos I will provoke on you for removing the queen of the Dolomites, the majestic peak of Marmolada, the mighty ruler of Alpine summit passes.

Fedaia! FEDAIA!

I am sorry, i really am. But it was necessary, as the weekend would have been too much. Now i have a hard stage 13, a super hard stage 14 and a medium hard (and very scenic) stage 15 with a very steep if short final climb. It's better balanced that way, i would say. And there always is your Fedaia! stage, isn't it? ;)
SetonHallPirate said:
Stage 18 of the Tour got me wondering, how about Tourmalet-Aubisque (Soulor)-Spandelles-Hautacam? Just a thought.

That would have been very good (with Borderes between Tourmalet and Soulor), and was long rumoured to be stage 18. But no, can't be.
Jun 28, 2012
fauniera said:
That would have been very good (with Borderes between Tourmalet and Soulor), and was long rumoured to be stage 18. But no, can't be.
That's what I was thinking, as a recommendation. Frankly, Tourmalet-Hautacam as currently planned is friggin' lame.
Jun 18, 2009
SetonHallPirate said:
That's what I was thinking, as a recommendation. Frankly, Tourmalet-Hautacam as currently planned is friggin' lame.

Bad IMO it's not the length of the stage or the omnipresent here "Tourmalet problem". Bad is that it's almost sure that in this last mountain stage a rider who is more than 2 minutes down on GC will not be able to attack before the last climb.
If Adet stage was crossed with this one......
Another take at the Tour

I have tried to create a monster route that are balanced and where riders won't wait for the last 5km before they attack. There are a few new climbs, but it's mostly 'safe' ones, so they shouldn't be any problem. It's a classic route with a prologue and two additional TTs, with the last on being on stage 20.

There are four new starting/finishing towns, but all four could be in a real route. Gujan-Mestras, Arette la Pierre-Saint-Martin (The ski station), Prades & Rumilly.

The Grand Depart is in Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne. From there it goes out to the western coast and then counter-clockwise, with the Pyrénées first and then the Alpes last.

The overall route:

Stage 1 Saturday, Clermont-Ferrand -> Clermont-Ferrand, 10.7km (ITT)
Stage 2 Sunday, Clermont-Ferrand -> Super-Besse, 182km
Stage 3 Monday, Brioude -> Aurillac, 187km
Stage 4 Tuesday, Brive-la-Gaillarde -> Bordeaux, 215km
Stage 5 Wednesday, Bordeaux -> Gujan-Mestras, 56km (ITT)
Stage 6 Thursday, Gujan-Mestras -> Bayonne, 174.5km
Stage 7 Friday, Bayonne -> Arette la Pierre-Saint-Martin, 160km
Stage 8 Saturday, Pau -> Loudenvielle, 190km
Stage 9 Sunday, Bagnères-de-Luchon -> Foix, 197km
Stage 10 Monday, Foix -> Prades, 205km
---Rest Day, Perpignan---
Stage 11 Tuesday, Perpignan -> Montpellier, 184km
Stage 12 Wednesday, Nimes -> Manosque, 187km
Stage 13 Thursday, Aix-en-Provence -> Chorges, 195km
Stage 14 Saturday, Digne -> Isola 2000, 236km
Stage 15 Sunday, Isola 2000 -> Valloire, 210km
---Rest Day, Albertville---
Stage 16 Tuesday, Albertville -> Morzine, 197km
Stage 17 Wednesday, Morzine -> Rumilly, 200km
Stage 18 Thursday, Bourg-en-Bresse -> Dijon, 147.5km
Stage 19 Friday, Besancon -> Mulhouse, 133km
Stage 20 Saturday, Mulhouse -> Colmar, 65.8km (ITT)
Stage 21 Sunday, Versailles -> Paris (Champs-Élysées), 133.5km

Some fact and numbers:

There's 7 flat stages, 8 mountain stages (4 Pyrénées, 3 Alpes and 1 Jura), 3 ITTs (132.5km), 0 TTT and 3 hilly/medium mountain stages. The total length is ~3470 depending on the stage to Paris (which I usually don't bother much with, but will be the traditional finish). There's 44 2nd, 1st and HC mountains (that's about twice the normal), though only one 'real' MTF. The two rest days will be in Perpignan and Albertville after stage 10 and 15.
Oct 21, 2013
Oh yeah Super-Besse... With Croix Morand! I mapped something simillar sometime ago. I like the idea of starting in Le Massif central.

I am sure it will come up to be a very good mapped Tour De France, tough i don't like the idea of having a prologue very much.

Looking forward to see the rest posted here soon!
Jun 28, 2012
Did a 2014 Tour de France with the same start and end towns, but the way I would have done the race.

Stage 1: Direct routing (25 km ITT)
Stage 2-6: No change
Stage 7: Direct routing (201 km)
Stage 8: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/3582496 (214 km)
Stage 9: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/3582519 (121 km)
Stage 10: No change
Stage 11: Direct routing (144 km)
Stage 12-13: No change
Stage 14: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/3582548 (239 km)
Stage 15: Direct routing (206 km)
Stage 16-17: No change
Stage 18: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/3582565 (218 km)
Stage 19-21: No change

Frankly, stages 14 and 18 gave me the Libertine "Strangle Kittens" reaction...
Stage 9 Sunday, Bagnères-de-Luchon -> Foix, 197km



Third Pyrénées stage in a row, this time a true roller coaster/chaos stage. They climb Portillon (1) from the gun, where many will want to send team mates up the road for later. Then ~20km of slight descent where riders will try to bridge across or the peloton will swallow them all before they then hit Menté (1) and Aspet (2). Despite both climbs feature often, this deadly combo (from the west) has only been used twice (and with the combination of Portillon it's a first). Halfway through they climb Core (1) before the final combo of Latrape (2), Agnès (1) and Péguère (1). There's over 25km from the top of the last climb to the finish, so attackers will want team mates up in front, or they'll need to attack before the last climb.
jsem94 said:
I absolutely LOVE this route so far. A bit too difficult, but the mountain stages are actually REAL.
Of course it's hard. I have to balance out 132.5 (mostly flat) km of ITT. ;)

EDIT: and so far there hasn't been a single long high altitude multi-mountain stage yet. Just wait for the Alpes :D