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Rate the Giro d'Italia 2017 route

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Rate the route of the 100th Giro

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Red Rick said:
18-Valve. (pithy) said:
Gigs_98 said:
EroicaStradeBianche said:
Okay, screw whatever I wrote, they did everything right. :lol:
If that is the only reason they did this, cycling is **** a lot worse than I feared

They once threw the Stelvio out of the race while it was already running. Just to guarantee Francesco Moser the overall victory at the end of his career. Back then this was pure nationalism, now it is money.
I gave it a 5.

Etna on stage 4 will be early carnage.
Reasonable amount of ITT.
Would have preferred to see a climb of the Prato side of Stelvio, and easy side of Mortirolo seems like a waste but will surely be glued to this stage.

Short murito stages - not a fashion that needs to spread any further.
Oropa and Piancavallo stages look terrible.
Dolomites stage could see some good action but could have been so much better.
No sterrato or hilly T-A style stages.
Jun 30, 2014
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7, the route gets +1 because stage 19 starts in my homwtown, now let's just hope that Vino (and maybe even Basso) will be there at the start of the stages, I badly need to take a few pictures with those 2 guys. :D
The thing that ruins stage 18 isn't it's length, it's a short stage, but after 2 220km stages, but the fact that stage 19 features a hard MTF, Piancavallo it's pretty much the Italian version of PSM.
The Grappa stage is horrible, just like the Oropa stage and the Bergamo stage is just sad.
It's not as bad as the 2014 route, but that was pretty much a given...
Edit: I changed it to a 7, the ITTs should force the riders to attack.
Oct 23, 2011
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Gave it a 5. Would've been a 6 if it wasn't the 100th Giro.

Two decent length flat TT's is nice or at least better than what is the norm today, I kind of like the Ortisei stage and I don't understand why people are so frustrated with the Stelvio/Umbrail stage.

Stage 20 though..... Why? It's like they went out of their way to make the crappiest stage they could make with Monte Grappa.

hrotha said:
A few nice stages. I fear the first, kinda hilly ITT might be too much of a gymkhana, but we'll see. Two-three stages that are just one MTF. An interesting first week. I dunno, a 5?

This reads a bit like ''I found the movie really entertaining, despite there being some plot holes. 2/10'' :p

I know, not at all comparable, but still funny the first time.
Gave it 9 because it looks well balanced, did not see obvious weaknesses.

Love that it has two ITTs - one in the middle of the race, one at the end of the race. 70km in total looks very nice.
Love that week 1 has a enough of stages for sprinters.
Love that MTFs are spread evenly thorough the race - stages 4, 9, 14, 18, 19.
Love the design of stage with Stelvio.
Here I go again...8 :p .

It's a GT where you need to be strong for three weeks, not back loaded, decent amount of ITT (I would have liked another 10-15K), some very interesting stages (4, 16, and 19 come to mind). Not as great as I expected for a 100th edition.

Better route for Pinot or Dumoulin than that of the TdF. I agree with the experts about some stages that could have been designed better or much better, but overall I'm satisfied.

There will be plenty of opportunities for battle along the way. That's all you can expect. I'll end with my favorite "platitude": the riders will make the race ;) .
As I said, 5/10

Technical side:
+ It is not backloaded. More like a roller-coaster, we start well, then we get extremely depressed in the second week, then a brutal peak on stage 16, than sadness (but with hopes) again.
+ The mountain stages are so sad that 67 km of ITT seem reasonable.
+ Queen stage is good.
+ First week is kinda good.

- Too many hard MTFs.
- The only real medium mountain stage, Bagno, is not even that great.
- The stage to Bergamo is a straight-up insult to this year's Lombardia.
- The stage to Oropa is an insult to cycling. Also, a celebration to Unipublic. Which is the same.
- There is no sterrato
- When you have a stage finish in Val di Fassa and you're basically forced to make it as flat as possible, it is because your route SUCKS.
- They went for the most mediocre possible design in the Dolomitic stage (which isn't bad, it's just the most mediocre possible).
- I didn't expect anything different in Piancavallo. But that doesn't make it good.
- I can't even begin to tell how disappointed in stage 20 I am.

Celebrative side:
+ Of course we will celebrate Pantani. Aprica? Merano? Les Deux Alpes? Selva di Valgardena? No, his mythical win in... Piancavallo. And of course, Oropa. That has to be there right. It's not like we had that 3 years ago already.
+ Castellania for Coppi, Ponte a Ema for Bartali.
+ They will climb the same side of the first Mortirolo ever (that's a plus I guess), and the same side of the Grappa (which totally sucks by modern standards) in the mythical stage of 1974.

- That's it. The 100th Giro will remember a grand total of 3 riders.
- Young fans will learn that the most mythical triumphs of Pantani were Oropa and Piancavallo, that some guy named Coppi was born in Castellania and another guy named Bartali was born in Ponte a Ema.
- They will also learn that there wasn't any other relevant rider. Maybe commentators will try to sneak in a mention to Merckx, Gimondi and Fuente while the peloton rolls over the Grappa.
- They climb a new road to the Etna, the weak side of the Stelvio (topping it all by giving protagonism to Umbrailpass), they climb a side of Gardena nobody ever cared about, they climb Pinei through the stupid side, and the Dolomitic stage of the 100th Giro finishes in Ortisei.

Jun 11, 2014
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People are harsh.

I understand the reasoning to include classics - but this is overall a very good route - lots of variations.
flat stages, tricky stages, mountain stages, descent finishes, uphill drags, 2 x ITT's (!!!!!!!!) - even a unipublic for fin.

They want the best riders in it - and I think we will get a show!
EroicaStradeBianche said:

Froomiest Giro route ever. Blockhaus, Oropa, Piancavallo. Throw in a washing machine descent off the Umbrailpass as well for giggles. It's his for the taking, but he can't Giro-Tour, so not gonna happen. Has Contador announced anything?

I do agree with the people saying this route is almost great. I love the Bormio stage and like what they did with Etna and Blockhaus. 6/7 sprinter stages is fair I think. Not gonna have real sprinters except Nizzolo/Modolo in Milano though like this year.

Now, Canazei is a waste (can we reverse it?). Don't dislike Ortisei as much. It might work out fine considering how hard the preceding stage is. I could have done without one of Oropa or Piancavallo in this format since we already had Blockhaus as a one-climb MTF. At least use the Zoncolan instead (or Crostis #keepthedreamalive). Asiago...It might be crap, but how hard is the last climb?

As usual though, depends on how they ride this. I've seen too many allegedly *** stages turn into modern classics - Fuente Dé, Formigal, the stage where Dumoulin lost the Vuelta - wait...Why can I only remember Vuelta stages here...? This year's Giro stage to Andalo was pretty decent it I recall too, right? (the TDF is so dreary we don't even get those).
First I voted 7, but now I've reconsidered and give the route a 6/10.

The most negative points are the last weekend which is really bad in Giro standards, the lack longer medium mountain stages and the terrible Oropa stage.

A reversal of the last week starting with Piancavallo, continuing through the Dolomites and having Bormio, Bergamo and Milano as the last three stages would have been much better. This includes some changes to the Dolomite stage and the Asiago/Monte Grappa stage.

And of course they should have done something different than the Oropa stage. That stage is awful!
Going with a 4.5

Most has been said so a short summary.

+ Etna/Blockhaus is good. Other than that, mediocre first week.
+ ITT kilometers but it's sad I'm happy about a medium-length flat ITT and a hilly one these days.
+ Bagno di Romagna a light spot in the dark of an awful second week. Two sprint stages after it so who knows.
+ Bormio though should have been before the 2nd rest day.

- Not one proper hilly stage in the first week.
- Entire second week apart from Bagno. Oropa and Bergamo stage :eek: :eek:
- Weird third week. Very bad ending with stage 19 and 20.