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return there after disqualification??? for violation of the doping control of the in

Apr 18, 2009
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Good day! to all fans of cycling, my name is Anton Reshetnikov, I am a former Russian road racer.
2007 after June 2, doping control, my test gave a positive result, I did not know that doping found in my analysis is a prohibited substance.
I took these pills consciously, as it was forced to engage themselves. Because Russia team doctor and the doctor of my club did not work, they were not at training camp, and they never worked. A president of the Federation of Russia cycling Gusyatnikov AM, зделал my disqualification is 2 years, the International Union of Cyclists confirmed my period of disqualification for one year. Gusyatnik did not allow me to begin to speak, because of the following hiding information. On the train to Sochi before the competitive season, 14.02.2007. fell from the slopes, and hurt themselves spine. The diagnosis became known to me only лиш in July, 5 kompresionnyh phone vertebrae fractures, 4 disc protrusion between vertebrates. The essence of history is, I was injured in February, due to lack of doctors, I began to self, due to irresponsibility of doctors and managers, the head coach of the national team for six months, there have been no survey of the health of an athlete before the start. Diagnosis after I put the computer tamografii, doctors obsloedovaniya I did at his own expense so as not to longer tolerate the pain in his back. Once it turned out that I was doped, Gusyatnikov feeling guilty, decides to disqualify me in Russia for two years. While the International Union disqualified for one year. Gusyatikov blatantly deceived me, and said that I threw the deal and do not give any interviews, and much less talked about that at all to blame, he and his doctorate in team Russia. Which are not responsible. In the Federation of Russia was not cycling at the time the organization. No responsible people work there. Gusyatnikov last man cowardly, disgusting. People. Amateurs, professionals, IT IS IMPORTANT TO ME YOUR OPINION! SHARE whether to top again??? Is it worth it NACHNAT CONCERNED cycling, whether to start with a clean sheet and try in what НИБУДЬ club??? BOARD LET ME NOT EASY, I love cycling, I insulting WHAT HAPPENED ALL that way. LET BOARD HELP. WRITE YOUR ADVICE ON Email: 2t.tymen @ rambler.ru