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Rider without team looking for a ride, 2010

Oct 9, 2009
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Afternoon all, been recommended to post on here from A.N.Other forum, But long story short...... one of the lads who was in our local club until a couple of years ago has just found out that his pro contract for next year won't be renewed.

I'm looking for any ideas of suitable teams to contact either in UK, France, Belgium etc and names to contact for a ride for the 2010 season.
His current contacts for a ride next year will *probably* only give him a chance to race domestically/scandinavia whereas he really should be racing more in central europe.
He was the youngest pro in sweden this year (1st year U23) but still managed to get a fair number of results.

If anyones got any ideas, either post up here, or drop me a pm/mail.

All ideas gratefully received!!


Apr 12, 2009
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If your friend can ride cyclo cross then he should check out BKCP POWER PLUS Cyclocross Team, they have a mostly under 23 team and also the team of neils albert. The team manger is Christoph Roodhooft he's a good guy, their number is +32 (0) 14 26 70 08.
Mar 13, 2009
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Continental Team Differdange (Lux.) - pays well, races in central Europe, already has a swedish guy (Hakan Nilsson) and some danish guys, but I don't know any contact information