Riders and Proof you could win Clean list

Mar 13, 2009
lets create the Clinic 12 list.

Proof you could win clean.

Its like the Clinic version of Bike Pure.

1. Dan Martin
2. Thor Hushovd

riders, would you care to add your name to the list. Just email Daniel Benson @cyclingnews.com and we can add your name to proof you are clean list.
Duh. JV.

Dude wouldn't even take nuttin for his swelled up eye as to abide strictly by da rulz. THEN, he turnt round n wuz only slower than cheaters Mayo n Hamilton on the great Ventoux. Barely a minute and a half ahead of Moncoutie. Pfft, anybody else woulda took somethin for that eye and not abandon. Fire in his belly the day of that French mountain I tell ya.
observer said:
16. David Millar
Dude, you bumped me man. Excellent choice by the way. That's OK, I should have included a number, here goes:

17 JV

Maybe the Garmin roster could be pasted here. I would, however, like to bring special attention to this special young clean rider before the rest of the Garminites show up:

18 Tommy D
Jun 5, 2014
Hawkwood said:
Frank Vandenbroucke
L-B-L and Vuelta 1999 cleanest performances ever :cool:

He would have burried Horner in the 2013 Vuelta if he hadn't died and come back to cycling a third time in 2011 or 2012.