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Riding wounded exGCs - Why

Why are the wounded ex-GC contenders still hanging on in there,
when they might be better off recovering at home/in hospital?
They are hardly going to surprise us with a stage win.
I'm thinking mainly of Basso & Evans but
could also consider Wiggins, LA, Sastre and others.

1. Is it to honor the Tour?

2. Not to miss the joy of Les Champs-Élysées?

3. Not to default on a professional contract?

4. For solidarity with their team mates - more than
by carrying the odd bottle?

5. To avoid their wife, or other investigators?

Does any of this make sense?
What do you reckon?
Aug 4, 2009
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For the guys that you mention there is still a chance of a win in either the last mountain stage or the TT be it only a slim chance.

Ounce past the TT they may as well continue into Paris.

Then there is still the honor of finishing in Paris.
How many times have you done the Tour or how many times have you finished the tour.