Question Road e-Bikes; are they worth the high £.price people pay for them?

Feb 10, 2023
Many people changing their road cycling bike to electric assist road bikes, ie, E-road bikes, in the UK they are limited to 15.5 MPH and a Battery Range of 30; to 60 miles max. Do you think they are worth the high cost, ? I'll be 75, this year and been considering buying one? as some of our cycling club members have already gone over to E-road bikes. I'm not sure I'm ready yet to make the leap to an e,Road Bike.
Anyone else thinking of getting an e-Road Bike? if so; what are your thoughts on them?
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Considering your age, it might be a good idea. Do you feel you can't keep up? Do you (or your physician) think it might be best for your health?Are you thinking of getting a new bike regardless? If you're spending money on a new bike anyway, this might be the time to think about it. Because you need to think about next year, and the year after that. But if you are not in need of a new bike, and you are feeling fit, i'd say consult your doctor.
My father is 84 and still rides every day - without a motor. His advantage is he rode division 1 in the 50s. and took up masters racing around 1995 and didn't stop until maybe he was 80. So I guess he still has the legs and heart from his earlier years to not rely on a motor now? But I do see how E-bikes are great for older people who don't have a cycling background.

I also agree that any older person who doesn't have an active lifestyle should see their doctor. The most alarming thing I read lately is the fad of "HIIT" Every such story should come with a disclaimer for people who have led a sedentary lifestyle for years and are attracted to a "quick fix" which could kill them.
I mostly agree with logic. I only disagree with "considering your age", because that is mostly irrelevant.

I would suggest borrowing/renting an ebike for several days before you make any decisions.

Anecdotal example of 1: My brother in-law lives near the top of a hill so the end of every ride is a difficult climb. He started driving to a parking lot near the bottom (which he hated doing). Then other climbs in his various loops got harder so his loops got more limited. He bought an ebike and he could ride all of his loops AND make the climb back to his house. Better mentally and physically for him. FYI, he got a hardtail mountain bike and put slicks on it because he needed the more upright position due to neck/shoulder/back issues.

Keep us posted!