Rollers and Hybrid Rollers

Feb 26, 2018
I am in the market for some rollers, or at least I think I am. That said I have seen a few trainers that the back tire sits on rollers while the front wheel is removed and placed on a tripod. One such tripod allows some movement of the front of the bike to help with simulating the road feel. Now I realize these are primary used for race day warmup and cool downs, but I am wondering if they can be used for an every day trainer. I am thinking yes but I would love to hear others opinions on this.

The reasons why I want rollers is to improve my bike handling skills and petal efficiency along with improving my overall fitness. Also, I live in Salt Lake City. I cannot seem to find a section of roadway that is flat where I can just get a good spin, heart rate workout for a few miles. So while I understand that an indoor trainer will allow me to develop the strength to make it easier to ride up a hill, I figure those training days can be the ones I spend outside riding. That said, I am wondering if I can get the best of both worlds with one of these "hybrid rollers".

I would really appreciate all thoughts on this subject.

Nov 25, 2010
I'd recommend NOT getting an 'old style 3 drum rollers'. Yes they can be used for fitness improvement, but they are mostly good for becoming skilled at riding rollers.

A concern with trainers that you clamp the rear wheel onto is that some people have reported bike damage due to the unusual stress that can be placed on the frame by it being held ridgedly in place while doing high power pedalling (e.g. jumps and sprints). If you want that type of trainer, perhaps also get a cheapo steel frame bike just for it.