Romain Bardet Discussion Thread

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He has been one of my favorite riders for years, but I am really not sure about what he can do in the future. He and his team seem to think it's most important to break the routine and get the mental strength back. So it would be good for him to do something like P-R.
But honestly even at the beginning of this year, although I might very well read too much into it, he did not appear to have fun or enjoy racing very much.
The Tour route certainly looks way better for him than the Giro route this year, so that makes sense, but with a Tour that can be expected to be packed, I can't see him doing much.
Maybe he takes this year as one of experiments and experiences, and maybe this is now a good year to do so, when everything is messed up anyway, and with the focus of the French public on other riders (as well). But maybe he also feels the pressure even stronger. And what if it is not just a question of motivation?



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