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Ronde van Vlaanderen - Tour des Flandres 2023, one day monument, April 2 (men's)

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Pog with his Belgian fanclub, Pogiboys



PS: They were also there last week at E3


So the FIFA president is also a Pogi boy? Not cool!
obligatory Movistar rider is 23 yo Matteo. This may be beyond him but he's a quick learner. If he gets with Pog and maybe one other guy not WvA or MvP this could be a different race. Long shot but that can happen.

Matteo is my pick for big dark horse ride of the day. There is always that one rider who wakes up on the morning of a big race and looks in the mirror and sees a monster; I think Matteo is going to be that guy. Going out on a limb and saying he is top 5 today.
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I would rather have Tour of Qatar back than Saudi Tour. But they got their WC, and then that race was done.
Never really followed either race tbh. The one good thing about them is they're not on an intrusive part of the calendar. I honestly think I'd rather have Saudi or Oman being WT than UAE, but it is what it is.

Qatar did bring something unique as basically a pure echelon race.
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