Samuel Sanchez over does it with the BLING!!

Nov 24, 2009
It's not too bad. It's not like he has his Orbea covered completely in gold leaf, spokes painted gold etc.

Besides, it's the only achievement you can exclusively hold on to for four years, why not celebrate it?

I defend him as an Euskaltel fan, so you're asking the wrong person to agree with you.
Its like the complaints about anyone who has the balls to have their own celebration or bikes that.match the leaders jersey. If someone wins let them.celebrate. I don't usually accuse people of whining because there is usually a point but here there is no point. If you find things like this so annoying you are going to find life very hard mate.
It is also worth noting that while the Olympic Gold Medallist gets a jersey along with his medal, he cannot wear that jersey in any following races, unlike the WC who has to wear his Jersey for the following year.

So, let Samu have a bit to show, he hasnt overdone it in my view and you can hardly see the gold unless on a closeup.

Sadly, looks like he has shown it for the last time as well, hope he recovers quickly.
Jun 18, 2012
Chalk me up as another who likes Samu's gold.

World and national champs get bands at the neck and sleeves for the rest of their careers. I'm sure some of them have decals on their bikes, too. There's nothing wrong with adding a little bling as an Olympic champion.

I just hope he's able to ride this year.
Dec 30, 2009
Aug 16, 2011
Who cares? It's not like every piece of gear he has is a solid gold color, why do we need a thread on this?
May 19, 2011
McClimber said:
Samuel Sanchez is sure over doing it with all the “GOLD”!

Should get his teeth capped and wear the medal.

Jess, that race was 4 years ago.

Any other athletes over “celebrating” past glory?

Handlebar tape
Jersey Strip
Cable housing
And too much more
that is the bragging right of the Olympic champion, it is the greatest because it only happen every 4 years. I would go further to ask UCI reach agreement with IOC to design a Olympic jersey, gold medal winner can wear 4 years.
As a lot of people have already said; He's the freaking Olympic Champ!
Besides, I don't think it's overdoing. Gold helmet and shoes isn't any worse than matching helmets and shoes to a jersey and the gold on his kit, well... ain't it lucky that gold and orange goes so well together?:p
Aug 30, 2009
No way, he completely deserves it and i'm surprised other sports such as tennis don't do it (could easily have gold grip, lines on shoes etc etc)

Cycling is big on champion jerseys and after you're reign is up you're even allowed to have stripes on your team jersey to let everyone remember your previous win - except the Olympics doesn't come with a jersey but a medal.

He deserves to have people know that he is the Olympic champion and I think it's pretty subtle, you can't exactly see his earrings from the helicopter but when you spot them from the motorbike you remember that he's a champ.

Hope he repeats, even more heroic in light of his crash.
Jun 6, 2012
+1 NickBVK. Poor form McClimber (imho) to bring this up just after poor Samu breaks his clavicle and won't be able to defend his olympic medal. Would have been great to see the bling roaring down the Colombier on Wednesday night with Cuddles and Nibbles charging after and shaking up the race.
Apparently he blinded himself or one of the other riders causing a crash...bad idea.

So ridiculous all of the self-absorbed crap like that. His gold shoes looked pretty with tears running down them on the ground.