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Saudi Tour 2023 (January 30th - February 3rd)

The start of sportswashing season and likely also the start of echelon season.


The route

Stage 1

Stage 2


Stage 3

Different finish than last year, according to the official site it’s 1.5k at 8.5% topping out at 1k to go. Note that, with Google, I get a shorter and shallower climb (1.1k at 6.8%) that ends with 700 metres to go, so take both numbers with a grain of salt.

Stage 4

Official climb profile:

Stage 5

Finish is 500 metres at 6% as per the official site.
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They are riding through a desert where there is sand and rocks right besides it. It doesnt take much wind for it to land and be all over the road. Puncture galore.
The other desert races never have this many punctures, though - and bar Qatar, they all went through rocky terrain as well. This is in danger of becoming the road version of the Bièles CX Worlds, which I think nobody wants to see.
What happened to DSM at the end? Van Uden with a puncture in the last km, or didn't have any legs at all?

No legs probably cause he still ended 11th.

I was surprised to see Stybar in Groenwegen's sprint train and he fitted in seamlessly. I didn't envisage this role for Stybar but he could be a valuable signing.

Huh? That's like the most logical thing to do with Stybar?
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