Sky Not California Dreamin'

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Aug 13, 2009
Publicus said:
Not to my knowledge. I was at the ToC last year and the teams had their own vehicles--at least as far as I could tell. I'll make it a point to ask someone this year (for future reference).
The European teams without a US base were given Toyota's to use during the race. They had wagons for the caravan and minivans for transport. All of the European teams also rented Motorhomes.


bianchigirl said:
Criterium International in Corsica with a difficult parcours - I'd say that merited highlighting. Wonder which way Flanders and RCS would jump if it came down to it? ;)

BTW why have you included rallying, golf, tennis and running events - I assume you're not proposing some strange multi disciplinary 'quintathlon' type of thing?
just ctrl-x ctr-v, my delete key is broken :D wasnt partularly paying attention to be honest, was watching the football
Aug 19, 2009
bianchigirl said:
Now more than ever ASO needs to set up their own calendar - they hold all the aces in terms of quality races. I'm sure the new PT with TDU, Eneco and ToC (not to mention the Canadian crits) as its glittering prizes will attract all the big names ;)
There you go again calling Montreal a crit. Have you seen the course? Have you seen what it does to a pack? Have you seen the list of winners for World Cup and World Championship races on that course?

1974 - Eddy Merckx
1988 - Steve Bauer
1989 - Jorg Muller
1990 - Franco Ballerini
1991 - Eric Van Lanker
1992 - Frederico Echave
Feb 12, 2010
Given Sky Italia are sponsors of Team Sky and the Giro is by far and away the better race of the 2 then they are concentrating on Giro. They're also riding the Tour of Picardie 14-16 May and Bayern-Rundfahrt 26-30 May so already have a pretty full schedule.

The TOC is an OK race but when they're racing it this year is the problem.

It's an important race for the likes of Garmin, HTC, Shack and BMC but it's pretty small fry for the European teams.