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Spoilers in live reports

Mar 10, 2009
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I went to catch up on Stage 8 of the Giro today by reading the live reports feed. Instead of the Giro, it had the live report for Stage 1 of the Tour of California. No problem, I thought, I'll read that first and then go looking for the Giro's live report.

I was very annoyed to find this spoiler in the middle of the ToC coverage (I've replaced the actual spoiler text so as not to compound the error):

13:15 PDT

In case you missed it, we had another exciting day of racing at the Giro d'Italia today. (so-and-so) won the stage, (followed by more spoilers about GC placings, lost time, etc.)

For a complete breakdown, news, images and results click here!


Live Report By Sue George

Well I hadn't missed it, I just hadn't got to it yet! :mad: This totally ruined the suspense of reading the Giro's live report.

Why put the results of one race in another race's report? I just don't get it. Surely people can navigate all by themselves to the content in which they are interested? Or if you have to include links, why not simply do it with text that doesn't give anything away about the results, for example:

Another exciting day's racing in the Giro d'Italia! For a complete breakdown, news, images and results click here!

Is that too much to ask?